Kickstart the New Year!

I’ve found it easier to follow a 100% plant-based diet when I’m doing it in the company of thousands of others! This is my fifth Kickstart with the Physician’s Committee of Responsible Medicine.

Kick Start Home Page

I want to encourage other Kickstarters, too, with some of the lessons I’ve learned. I found Bryanna Clark Grogan’s recipe for melty pizza cheese at this website:

Bryanna’s Melty Cheesy Sauce

Here’s the cheesy sauce in action. Give it a try. I would bake the pizza crust and sauce, etc. and then pour the hot cheese sauce on top at the end of cooking. This stuff can look like the surface of Mars if it is cooked too long! You can also mix the sauce with salsa and pour it over baked chips or use it in quesadillas or on tacos. You can do it!

Loaded veggie pizza with Bryanna Clark Grogan's melty pizza cheese sauce


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