Chop once, cook an infinite variety

One of the concerns of many new plant-based cooks is that it takes too much time. Once you learn a few tricks, you will see how easy and quick it can be. There are shortcuts if you are willing to do a little planning. First step: buy a bunch of veggies and chop them up. I don’t have great knife skills or great knives, but in 20 minutes (accompanied by some great reggae music), I went from this….

To this:

Remember: don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Chop things up into roughly same-sized pieces and pat yourself on the back (preferably not with your knife hand).

Here are some general tips for making fresh healthy food fast.

get a decent knife and make sure it is sharp. Watch a youtube video for how to sharpen a knife. This helps tremendously!

buy carrots with the greens on…unbelievable the difference in taste.

buy peppers and celery organic whenever possible–they are among the most sprayed of vegetables
save the inner celery stalks and leaves for mincing at the last minute and spreading over soups, stews and salads.

For me, onions, celery, peppers, carrots, other root veggies are the base chop. I chop other things to put in specific dishes. Having these pre-chopped makes dinner go much more quickly.

I store the veggies in glass or re-usable freezer bags in the fridge until I’m ready for them.

Compost the trimmings! The world will love you.

And follow along as I make lots of dishes with these base veggies over the next few days.


6 thoughts on “Chop once, cook an infinite variety

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