Cooking Day Off…Hanging out In Grand Rapids

What happens when girls who like to cook go out in Grand Rapids? Well, first we have to reconstitute lunch from past meals. It looks like this…leftover bulgur mexicana and hummus and veggie sausage sandwiches on homemade kaiser rolls. Can you sense my affinity for bread?

Then Tamara and I took off for a day of playing on Wealthy Street. Tamara is the one standing second from the left,next to me on the left. Beth and Trish must have had to work!

We had an amazing cappucino and latte at Rowster’s, then dropped in next door to Nourish where I got these sexy items…brown mustard from Eden, Michigan and plastic Ball caps to reseal my growing collection of beans and grains. I use old Ball jars…they freeze well this way, too! Visit Nourish on Facebook at Nourish Market on Facebook

Down the way, we hit Art of the Table It is so much fun to look at the cards, the linens, the bitters, the syrups, the flavored salts! I told a clerk it was like a toy store for cooks. I got very excited about the little bamboo picks and skewers. I can use them for dinner parties and compost them after. I left wondering what I would ‘spear’ at my next party.

I couldn’t leave without picking up a beautiful German-made taper candle for only $2! It is unscented, dripless and comes in more colors than a Crayola 48-pack. I want to try one out before going crazy. I also snagged one of GR’s new bike maps created by Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition led by my friend Tom Tilma. Find them on Facebook here

Finally, we headed to Literary Life and I chose this book. (Seeing as I have a novel due March 1, I thought it would be useful). Literary Life Bookstore. What a great day, and a great way to support our local economy…yes, the one that makes life so rich and interesting here in Grand Rapids!


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