Stuff something…

I’m about to go on the road for a few days, so I’m pondering ‘What’s healthy? What’s fast?’

Let’s look at some plant-based fast food, shall we?  First off, Eden Foods, right here in Michigan, came out with a rice and bean can combo a couple of years ago.  Looks like this and you can purchase at Nourish Organic Market and Harvest Health here in Grand Rapids.  Know somewhere else?  Let us know!

They’ve got all sorts of flavors.  Great to have on hand!  I like to mix a can of this with some prepared hummus or baba ganouj, a middle-eastern eggplant spread.  I love my own hummus, but I have to say I prefer the baba ganouj made at Mediterranean Island at 4301 Kalamazoo Ave, SE.

Dump about 3/4 cup of baba ganouj together with one of the plainer Eden combos (or use your own leftovers). Mix thoroughly.  Then go find something to stuff.  You might have, as I did, some cooked acorn squash that looked like it was going south if not used pronto.  I stuffed this combination in the squash cavity and reheated it all in the microwave.Ta da!

Now, don’t feel bad if you don’t have an already baked vegetable cavity to stuff and some leftover calabacitas to set it on.  This works perfectly well chopped with crisp lettuce or wilted for thirty seconds with spinach in the microwave.  Take this opportunity to cruise the shelves of your own refrigerator.  Rice, beans and hummus or baba ganouj (or ful medamas for that matter) are so tasty together, you can do pretty much whatever you want with accoutrements and be fine.  Stir with confidence!


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