White Bean, Kale & Sausage Stew

This is so quick, so warming, so delicious, that you will probably want to make it every day.  I wouldn’t recommend that.  But make it today!

Stew as warming as my new winter hat...

Chop a peeled onion in half, then, placing flat side down, chop in half again.  This way, you can dice it into nice slivers.  Steam saute this onion and as much chopped garlic as you like in a soup pot with a little red wine.  When the onion is nice and soft, add 6 cups of your favorite bullion and a bunch of rinsed kale leaves that have been separated from their stems and chopped into bite-sized pieces.  You can add any long-cooking greens to this stew at this point, or you can use spinach, but add it at the end.  I also like to add a peeled, diced potato in.  Let this simmer for ten or so minutes until the greens and potato are soft.  Rinse a can of white beans (navy, great northern, cannellini, are all fine) and toss that in.  Taste the stew and add (if you like spice) chili powder, red pepper flakes or hot sauce to taste.  Just before serving, dice up a vegetarian sausage and toss it in.

I use all kinds of veggie sausage in this stew, including my own homemade.  Here’s one of our favorites. I like Tofurky sausages because they are so moist.  I buy them at Harvest Health.  They are pricey, as you can see, but one sausage, split lengthwise once and then once again, and diced, makes plenty for two.

Your dish should be closer to a stew at this point.  After another minute or so of simmering, taste and adjust the seasonings.  It should be clear at this point that you can make this simple, delicious stew your own in every way.  Do you love cumin? Put some in!  Do you have carrots and rutabagas, not potatoes?  Put some in.  Feel warm.  Use the extra time you didn’t spend in the kitchen to text your kids and tell them how much you love them!


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