Same Sauce, New Recipe: Spicy Soba Noodle Salad

As promised, here is the second recipe using the sauce you prepared (and doubled) for the spicy soba noodle bowl. I like this one even better than the first!  It is inspired by the Wasabi Wrap at The Dish Cafe in Traverse City.  But when I got done with it, it was so good I didn’t need the wrap.

Prepare the sauce and noodles as directed in the recipe for the soba noodle bowl, except break the noodles into thirds before you drop them in the pot.  Put the warm noodles into a large salad bowl and pour on half the sauce.  Using your hands toss the noodles with the sauce.

Then prepare the veggies.  You can use whatever you have on hand.  For this recipe, I used washed but unpeeled carrots, red pepper, seeded (but unpeeled) cucumber and celery.  I shredded all these in my food processor.  I’m trying to cook more with ‘beginner’s mind’ and so I shredded things I don’t normally, like the celery (and the leaves) and the bell pepper.

What else can I shred?

I put all these watery veggies into my mesh strainer and pressed on them.  So much water came out!  I knew this would keep my dressing intact and not watery.  I probably had about  three cups of veggies, which I proceeded to dump into the bowl with noodles and pour on the other half of the sauce.  More hand tossing.

Finally, I chopped into little matchsticks all the leftover radishes and peeled jicama I had.  Another cup or so of veggies. Toss, toss, toss.  It’s nice to let this all sit and meld for an hour or so, but I was too hungry!  I ladled it onto a plate, sprinkled with chopped peanuts (just a tablespoon or so) and wasabi peas that I’d picked up at Kingma’s Market.  True confession: the Kingma’s peas have green dye in them.  I bought them for the photo!  But you can buy this Feng Shui brand at Meijer in the Asian section and there is no dye added (the peas in the package are a tan color, not the nice green you see on the front here).

This is another dish that comes together beautifully and keeps well. Pressing the liquid out of the watery vegetables really helped.  Take this to a potluck.  You’ll be so popular.  And isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?


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