Oindrila’s Veg Patties

These were such a hit that Roger would not let Oindrila return to India for the summer unless she gave him the recipe. Here it is and if it’s daunting for you to do without exact measurements, try the one linked to this lovely photo from the very cool blog by “Pham Fatale.” I will definitely be spending more time there.

Here are Oindrila’s instructions–thank you, Oindrila! And bring us back lots of wonderful cooking ideas from your mom and grandma.

Veg Patties


Green Beans
Cumin powder
Paprika or red chilli powder
Garam Masala
Little pieces of coconut are great (though i didn’t put any because I can’t cut coconut!)
Bread crumb
Flour and water solution

Boil the vegetables (not too soft so there’s some texture).
Mash them with some lumps.
Add the spices, coconut and peanuts.
Mix well and fry in a little oil until it’s really dry. Let it cool.
When cool, make patties (or balls), dip in a flour and water solution, and roll in bread crumb.
Deep fry (or shallow fry like I did and then bake in preheated 350 degree over).

The End!


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