Ten-Minute Avocado Appetizer

The weather is so beautiful and you want to invite friends over for a drink, but the fuss, the bother! No worries with this quick and delicious avocado appetizer created by Roger Gilles (a.k.a. the husband). Serve it on the deck or in the backyard, so you don’t have to dust or vacuum either.

Avocadoes are luscious right now. Make sure you have a couple of green beauties, slice them thinly and dress them in a little kosher salt and chili powder. You can serve them on crackers and their creamy, salty, spiciness makes an elegant stand-in for any dip. The photograph above was taken by Bob Hazen, a talented videographer, photographer, carpenter, animator, retouch artist… I could go on.

This is Bob, relaxing in the yard (Does he look like he’d rather have that complicated hot crab dip you’re so famous for?). Because we were all so relaxed, Bob started taking pictures of the food and giving me tips for stirthepotgr.

Austin, Bob’s partner, had to get in on the fun and took this photo of me for my next cookbook (it can’t be my next children’s book because my t-shirt reads ‘beer is food.’)

I’m loving photographing food in natural light. I LOVE photographing food in natural light on the weathered deck! But Bob showed his real talent later that night when we were indoors and he snapped this luscious photo of the strawberry shortcake in artificial light. He cozied up to my new orange walls and voila!

Plus, I got an invitation to a real food photographer’s shoot today. I’ll be tagging along with Bob like Ramona Quimby. Must not make a pest of myself! If I can accomplish task number one, I will share what I’ve learned.


2 thoughts on “Ten-Minute Avocado Appetizer

  1. Wow! Strawberry-red against saturated orange is just amazing. That really was an inspired moment! I think that when we did the shoot for appetizers 2 or 3 years ago (the one that you were at my house for), Tasha was still doing photographs for the magazine… She is has a lot of natural talent and a very artistic eye. In the intervening years, however, Jeff Hage took over photographic duties and — with his schooling in technique and use of additional lighting, reflective equipment, precise light readings via meter and lots of other technologies — it was utterly fascinating to watch a commercial photographers at work. (Lots of funny little “tricks,” too;I learned an alternative to ironing tablecloths or other fabric underlays; also how to capture “hot” when he used a hand steamer to shoot a cloud of steam over a glass of hot spiced wine for a Cascade Winery ad!) Have fun, observe much!

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