July Supper Club

Despite the heat and the near-drought conditions, we gathered to celebrate summer, one another’s company and fabulous vegan fare. Heavily featured were slaws and grain salads and cold soups like vichyssoise and gazpacho. No one brought dessert! Who wants to turn on the oven at the moment? We didn’t mind. It was a lovely al fresco evening.

The big news, of course, is that our host is now bald! Here he is pictured with his lovely wife (yes, me of the farmer tan!); his bald mentor, Bob Hazen; and Austin Bunn.

But I digress. Let’s look at the food, with a BIG thank you to Morgan Doane for helping me photograph it.


And more! Many of you turned to southern climes for inspiration–South America, India, Italy–for gazpachos, salsas, enchiladas, lasagnas, curries and daals.

If your dish isn’t photographed here, it’s because our photo didn’t make it look appetizing OR we have no photo! You are all welcome to photograph your dishes ahead of time (as I did with our black pea and cilantro dish and tabbouleh) and send me a jpeg to make sure they show well.

Recipe requests have been made for Shawn and Matt’s veggie enchiladas, Medha’s millet bread, Miles’ mango salsa, Josh’s ginger lemonade, Kathy’s lasagna, Beth’s gazpacho and Michele’s mango and avocado salad. Bring it on. I’ve already got the veggie enchiladas! They will be up after this post.

So, was it good? Here’s how I tell. The table… people are learning they can’t arrive late.

The fact that people are bringing friends and relatives. Suzanne brought Josh and Olive, Sandy brought Amy, Todd and Katie brought Gary, Austin and Bob brought Shawn and Matt, Miles brought Steve, Heidi brought Sarah, Kathy brought her brother-in-law and daughter, Cynthia brought herself (even though the people who’d invited her didn’t come!). This is most likely due to the fact that everyone is so nice. It’s our only rule–other than the food must be plant-based. You don’t have to be nice all the time, just for three or so hours. People can do it! Really. Here’s the proof.

Morgan and Mara rocking this season’s black and white theme…

Kathy and Jan…

Left to right: Greg, K.C., Gary, Todd, Katie

Who posed this assymetrical photo?? Left to right, top to bottom: Miles, Steve, Medha, Sarah, Heidi, Kathy, Chris

Amanda, far left, has promised me a few guest blog posts on her vegan journey. I have a good memory, Amanda! Shane blogs at http://livetogarden.blogspot.com/

We had visitors from as far away as San Francisco!

Sandy, pictured here with Beth, cannot have her photo taken without making a joke!

Mara and Dave leave us temporarily to spend a year in Minneapolis, where Mara will be completing her M.F.A. and Dave will be working on his sabbatical project. You may remember them as vegan gnocchi and tofu cheesecake. Back in 2013!
We are thrilled for Austin and Bob and their new adventures in Ithaca, New York. You may remember them as sweet potato curry and roasted beet ice cream. They will be dearly missed by all their supper club friends and most especially Sue and Roger.

Until next month. We meet again on the 22nd of August.


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