Sensational Vegan Apple Recipe Unveiled

So whose dish was most popular at our October Supper Club? Was it Geoff Field’s Thai Vegetable Soup?

Jamie Langlois’s Vegan Fudge?

Roger Gilles’s Vegetable Korma?

Kevin Schalkofski’s Spinach Lasagna with Cashew Cream (doesn’t Kevin make this dish look hearty?)

Or Kathy Harwood’s Tamale Bites, all of which we have requests for people! Get recording those recipes!

I passed the camera around and though Roger Gilles seemed eager to take his two photographs, he set it down in a remote location (rather than passing it on) and thus we have very little record of what happened. Except my memory!

So, to begin, I read the first three chapters of my novel while the food was getting cold (I don’t think anyone minded. It is riveting.)

Then Diane Cisler arrived with her signature dish: Fruit. (Don’t know who snapped this, but it’s my favorite photo!)

Sue Chef brought a delicious lentil quinoa salad from WaterMark Country Club.

Everyone knows Sue–she’s a cooking celebrity. Paparazzi are always following her around. Rumor has it she is blogging now… more details forthcoming.

Katie and Lori were caught red-handed! cleaning up…

No, wait a minute… drinking with Dustin and Allene. More celebrities! Lori and Dustin own Sparrows Coffee House and Lori and Katie are the brains behind the new Creative Youth Center. And Allene knows a great deal about wild edible plants. Come spring, we’re going to have her forage us a dinner.

Medha, Parag and Oindrila have confided in Roger that they are going to stop bringing Indian food because Roger’s been setting the bar too high. (Don’t worry fans…I think they were joking).

And finally, from the gallery, Fig the cat is non-plussed. He has requested a raw mouse-food party in the near future. The dogs–who were caught with their heads in the compost bin–have accepted their fate. They fart to get back at us.

As promised here is Diane’s recipe for her fabulous vegan apples.

Bowl of Apples
1. Purchase apples
2. Wash thoroughly
3. Gently place in bowl
P.s. I am vegan-challenged, but this is my most successful recipe so far.

Can’t you just see the pride?


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