Summertime Song

It’s my fault.  I’ve repeatedly said any and all plant-friendly eaters are welcome.  I should have said humans!


Bambi here has been wreaking havoc on our yard.  She’s even reminded me that I also say ‘bring your friends’ to the buffet.  So, we are trying to live together in ‘nice’ peace and harmony.  But if she eats my Michigan lily, then defensive measures will be taken.

But who could be concerned about anything at our June supper club?  The weather was perfect, the food delicious and accompaniment by our special guest–singer Claire Corriveau–was divine.  Claire now has her very own facebook page and–soon–an album!  So be nice and like her page and cheer this hometown girl on…


And here she is with her beautiful and talented mom, fine artist Molly Alicki-Corriveau.DSC_4974w

And the amazing quality of these photos is due to my old friend and my new photography teacher, Dianne Carroll Burdick.  So the guests were divided–

DSC_4914wlisten to Claire?


Or head inside for the beautiful buffet?


Fortunately for us, we could partake in the entire! embarrassment of riches.

Every supper club is different. There was a special sense of nostalgia as we all committed to meeting someone new in memory of Marie Catrib.  So the evening was about making new friends and cherishing the old…our dear friends, Russ and Kiran, who went vegan last September, visited us from Kalamazoo.  They love music as much as they love food.  They are forefront, eating and making new friends….


Dianne captured K.C. Andrews in the grape arbor.


And Caitlin Prins as the group gathered to listen to Claire.


Old friends, Rob and John catch up.


But only after Rob had his quiet time in the tent.


Dianne captured our lovely Sophie–rescue shepherd mix puppy–who has protected us for 11 years at 1080 Knapp.

DSC_4947wBe still my heart, Austin and Bob are back for the summer–in plaid!


Don’t forget about dessert!  Isidore Okoro and Brian Doane tried to claim ownership of the orange chocolate mousse.  But we know who really brought it.  Kelly LeCoy from Uptown Kitchen.

supper club and native plants 033

Samantha Gallagher is loving Theresa Hogerheide’s energy bites.  You can find the recipe here at Theresa’s very cool local food blog.

supper club and native plants 034

Dianne taught me about the golden light at sunset….


DSC_4949wEnjoy the summer!  We’ll see you July 17!


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