So Summer!

The food just keeps getting better!  And so does the company.  We welcomed Angela Topp of Treehuggers as our special guest in August. Angela’s work in package-free shopping, composting, unique recycled gifts and recycling items not accepted by our city’s recycling system has been such a valued asset to our community!  In every one of my cooking classes, I explained that folks without a VitaMix could use the store’s machine as well as find many wonderful vegan staples in the store.  Sadly, Treehuggers will close in early September.  While I am so sorry to see Angela’s work in its current incarnation go away, I really look forward to her next business venture.  She is irrepressible and entrepreneurial and creative and kind and she loves all the same things we do.  So let’s wish her the best when we see her next month!  Here she is–lower left.

supper club 8-21-13 020

Could there really be a restaurant better than this?  So many places to eat…

supper club 8-21-13 034

supper club 8-21-13 040supper club 8-21-13 051supper club 8-21-13 043supper club 8-21-13 018

So many delicious dishes…including plum pastry, tofu curry, pea and tomato salad, nacho mama’s seven layer dip, mushroom potstickers, lentil-cilantro salad, beet hummus, zucchini banana bread and many more not pictured like the savory portabella pie, raspberry pie, chickpea cutlets..the list goes on and on…

supper club 8-21-13 001 supper club 8-21-13 003 supper club 8-21-13 004 supper club 8-21-13 005 supper club 8-21-13 006 supper club 8-21-13 007 supper club 8-21-13 009 supper club 8-21-13 012As Shawn’s plate demonstrates, you need never go hungry here….

supper club 8-21-13 021

Nor lack for wonderful new friends to meet…

supper club 8-21-13 022 supper club 8-21-13 023 supper club 8-21-13 024 supper club 8-21-13 027 supper club 8-21-13 028 supper club 8-21-13 015

So, until next month, please enjoy every moment you can outdoors, as our photog Diane Flaherty-Cisler did in August–thank you, Diane!

supper club 8-21-13 025 supper club 8-21-13 047

And, from your hosts, Sue and Roger, we hope to see you next month.  Until then…

supper club 8-21-13 029


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