We Michiganders don’t let go of summer easily. In fact, we call September late summer–or Indian summer–whichever you prefer. And that is why we fully expect to be outside–maybe even in October! Our theme was ArtPrize and so, in keeping with it, we collected lovely images from our friends who are in ArtPrize, like this one from Lori Eslick…
lori painting
Visit Lori’s website here to see her beautiful work.

We did what we could to make our food ‘art-worthy.’ We came up with a tie for first place!
Chris Montgomery, our special guest, brought a Jackson Pollock version of bruschetta

supper club 018

Here’s Chris constructing his work of art. You need to visit him at Rezervoir Lounge and try some of his amazing plant-based recipes.

supper club 017

AND Andrea Hensen and housemates Sharon and Victoria stunned us with their watermelon cake…

supper club 016

Here’s part of the watermelon cake construction crew, enjoying the yard…

supper club 039

In other news, Nancy McQuate made short work of the concord grapes that were ripening at the time of the dinner. She’s a homesteader at heart (who knew you could make beer out of grapes?)

grape arbor


The rest of us enjoyed the yard…

supper club 030

supper club 025

supper club 028

supper club 027supper club 026

Took a tour…

supper club 022

Chatted with our special guest…

supper club 050

Touted our favorite dishes…

supper club 020

OR composed our own art photos (in honor of our theme). A three-way tie goes to winners: Morgan Doane, Shane VanOosterhout and Kevin Schalkofski (I wasn’t paying enough attention to know who took which photos). I also need to add a big thank you to Nancy McQuate and Morgan Doane for the photos they took.
supper club 029supper club 046
supper club 059
supper club 045supper club 040supper club 034guestssupper club montage

See you October 16th everyone!


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