What can I tell you? Delicious.


You can always tell how much fun I have at our supper clubs by the amount of photos I take. A lack of my photos means it was a great party. In October, I didn’t take a single one. There were so many new friends to meet. Goodness! You’ll have to thank Morgan Doane and Diane Flaherty-Cisler for documenting our evening. I certainly have. We had a lovely special guest: Ashtin Raad from Raad’s Mediterranean Restaurant, conveniently located just near the corner of Cherry and Diamond. Raad’s makes everything fresh each day. You can tell. For us, he made a special vegan jambalaya, a protein-packed fava dish, his secret-recipe Mediterranean Salad–delicious! and baba ghanouj (pictured above). We can thank him by enjoying Raad’s for dine-in or take-out. Here is their FaceBook page and here is Ashtin explaining his food philosophy.


And now, onto the food!

food and supper club 007

I get kinda excited about centerpieces that you can then eat…

butternut 001

I’m working on a roasted butternut squash post… my pumpkin seed pesto post is here

food and supper club 010

And Marilyn’s Seven Layer Dip Recipe is here

marilyns dip

And these lovely dishes I do not have recipes for…alas


food and supper club 022

Roger always makes the best of the crush at the table by hanging out near the wine. Here he is chatting with Kelly LeCoy.

food and supper club 029

Anthie, our new friend from Greece, who gifted me with her lovely sprouts and other delicious food when she returned to her country, tries to figure out which table to go to next…

food and supper club 032

Next up is Plantsgiving where we help everyone have a delicious plant-based Thanksgiving by sharing our favorite recipes. See you November 20!


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