The Big Chill


We had a lovely time with our special guest Dave Johnson, M.D. from Impact Health and 45 hardy eaters who wouldn’t let a little snow and freezing temperatures keep them home. The food was delicious, the company convivial; unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos other than the lovely arrangement sent to us by Kris and Doug Siegel  Much more important are the recipes which you will find in the attached 1-14 Supper Club Recipes.

Of course, I forgot one!  So here is Marilyn’s.

1-2014 recipes and handout_00021-2014 recipes and handout_0003


I got a lot of requests for my crabby app.  In order not to delay this post further, see below.

Post Paula Deen Crab-stuffed Mushrooms


meijer garden party 012

Now, as for my ‘crab’-stuffed mushroom recipe.  I’m going to encourage all of you to go with me on this journey–it’s how I develop a lot! of my recipes.  So we start with a conventional recipe such as Paula Deen’s crab-stuffed mushrooms.  Basically, I used jackfruit in place of the crab (see how to process jackfruit here).  Miyoko’s cream cheese in place of conventional cream cheese.  Throw in a tablespoon of Old Bay seasoning, add some crunchy bits, could be green onions or celery or even water chestnuts–heck even nuts, stuff those mushrooms and bake as directed in Deen’s recipe.  Bread crumbs optional.  I’d probably use vegan parm next go-round (make your own–it’s much cheaper!).


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