Guess Who’s Cooking in February?

Friends, here is our line-up!  On February 19, we’ll be at Thought-Design in Rockford.  If you plan to come, you need to email to R.S.V.P. (unless you are already on the list).  You can bring your plant-based dish as usual, $10 (to offset the rental) and a couple bucks for our dishwashers.  You can also bring whatever you like to drink–Rockford Brewing Company is across the street!

For your generous contributions we will have SIX cooking demos going throughout the evening.

Morgan Doane–maple-roasted almond butter
supper club 030

Geoff Fields will show us the critical moment in making gumbo
stirthepot holiday 057

Laura Johnson (on right) will demonstrate mushroom potstickers

Jeremy Kuhn of Deliciosity will make a luscious dessert

Medha Rode (on right) will surprise us with one of her fan favorites
fruit basket and supper club 023

Sue Stauffacher (aka me)–will demo vegan gruyere cheese

See you soon. Until then, stay warm and drive safely!


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