March is a Memory

Fortunately for us Michiganders, March is over. However, we do have a warm memory of our last supper club at Thought-Design Cooking School. A good time was had by all, and since our driveway was a swamp, it was so much better to be in our home-away-from-home Rockford spot. I hope you follow what Denise and Greg are doing…they have so many cooking, thinking, playing and exercise classes, all with the same goal–to keep your brain fit, active and imaginative. Thank you, Thought-Design.

I have to apologize for being so late. I continue to unbury myself from a heavy workload this past month. I promise to log all the cooking demos in separate easy-to-search posts…soon. For now, let me take you through the evening and invite you to our home once again for another supper club on April 16. If you would like to come, you are welcome. See the details here.

We began the evening with Nancy McQuate’s artistic demo of cashew ranch dressing…

and all the wonderful things to drizzle it on

Next up was Elizabeth Pitzer who graciously shared not only her secrets for making sourdough crackers…

but the starter as well.

Dining was the next order of the evening. Can you blame us? This food was so so good!
Look how everyone’s heads are down.

And who could forget Jeremy’s raw-mazing chocolate cake that you can purchase by the piece at BarterTown. Wow.

The food was good but the company was even better. What a lovely group of people you all are!

Finally, there was a surprise. Kevin Schalkofski presented Roger and me with a ‘watercolor’ landscape of our home. It was actually a photo that he transformed using the Waterlogue App and PhotoShop. It’s hanging proudly in our home as I type this. Thank you so much, Kevin.

Early arrivals on Wednesday can tour the spring ephemeral garden. Bloodroot, trout lily, spring beauty, trillium, mayapple and many more are just beginning to emerge

bloodroot 3

In the meantime…



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