About Sue

Here I am with my two rescue puppies, Tillie on the left and Sophie on the right

I am a children’s book author (www.suestauffacher.com) and freelance journalist who has eaten a plant-based diet most of my life.  In the last few years,when I’m not working on novels, I have been cooking for other people and teaching them how to cook low-fat, plant-based recipes in their own kitchens. Learn more about this on my Chef Services page. To help us learn from one another and create community, I organize supper clubs and idea salons, guide people to resources, and just generally promote healthy ways of eating and being–especially here in our beautiful geographic location of west Michigan.

Learning new ways to cook and finding the time to do so can be daunting.  I know! Yet I have learned to love this way of cooking and eating and truly believe that you will love it, too, whether you choose it as a lifestyle or just a once-a-week habit.  Our goal is food you love that loves you back in the form of increased energy, lower weight, cholesterol readings, blood pressure and vibrant health.  The operative phrase is ‘food you love.’  Try some of the tips and recipes on this site and see if you don’t agree with me.

Other things to know about me.  I’m married to Roger Gilles, a professor at Grand Valley State University, who was swayed to plant-based eating shortly after our marriage more than 28 years ago.  Roger is an excellent cook, particularly of Indian cuisine, so I hope to share some of this knowledge in that area.

I am a proud mom of two City High School graduates–Max, my oldest, is a senior studying psychology at Western; and Walt is in his junior year at Grand Valley.  I love to hang out in my massive native plant garden that is nestled in three acres right here in the city.  We live in the old Knapp Farmhouse, built around 1850, and our backyard contains a hand-hewn barn foundation that pre-dates the Civil War.  It’s a little bit like paradise.



7 thoughts on “About Sue

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  2. We had such a delightful airplane riding visiting with you! While neither of us our vegetarian, we are trying to find a creative option so that we can join you for your supper club. It would be a gift to meeting even more amazing people!
    Barbara and Leif

  3. Hi Sue,
    My friend and our husbands are interested in attending the San Chez buffet in Dec but it is not yet listed on their website. Is it still open? and what is the cost? I met am you at your classed at the Meijer Garden. I am the brunette with the broken ankle 🙂 ep

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