Vegan Cooking Classes!

???????????????????????????????We eat, we cook, we enjoy ourselves!

For a great three minute audio interview about my classes, click here Thanks go to Theresa Hogerheide, whose local food facebook page can be found here.

Winter-Spring 2014

March 10: Forks Over Knives at Bekins Appliance (rescheduled from Jan 27)

April 2: International Vegan at Bekins Appliance from 6-8 p.m. (Grand Rapids)
Thursday, April 10: Forks Over Knives at Downtown Market (details soon)
April 15: Vegetarians and Carnivores at Bekins Appliance from 6-8 p.m. (Grand Haven)
April 23: Vegetarians and Carnivores at Bekins Appliance from 6-8 p.m. (Grand Rapids)
April 30: Plant-based Tapas at San Chez Bistro (click on Calendar of Events and scroll down to date)
Tuesday, May 13: Forks Over Knives at Bekins Appliance from 6-8 p.m. (Grand Haven)
Wednesday, May 14: Forks Over Knives at Bekins Appliance 6-8 p.m. (Grand Rapids)
Thursday, May 22:  Indian cuisine at Downtown Market  6-9 p.m.
Plant-Based Pantry “…well informed and approachable.” “Amazing class!” “Wonderful, enthusiastic, informative!”
Non-Dairy Cheese “Sue is always interesting.” “She makes these new ways of cooking sound like we can all do it.”
Healthy Year, Healthy You “Lots of tidbits of info to make things easier.”
Hot Soups, Cold Days “Eye-opening!”

Garlic & Shallots “Sue is so down-to-earth.  I loved taste-correcting the dishes as a class.”

Classes in my home  Because we are in my home, we can see all phases of plant-based cookery.  For cheese-making, for example, that includes the stages of making rejuvelac and fermenting cheese.  Students will each make their own cheese and take home 16 oz. of cheese to ferment as well as 8 oz. of rejuvelac (enough to make 2 batches of cheese).  Class size is limited to 5 people and costs $50.  If you are interested in a group home class or a private one, please contact me directly:

My Philosophy

I’ve been eating a plant-centered diet since I was 19 years old and I love to share my skills with students of all ages. In class, I teach you how to create delicious taste experiences with healthy food. My motto is ‘food you love that loves you back.’ When I’m not working on children’s books (, I cook, cater and teach individuals and families how to cook low-fat, plant-based recipes in your kitchen as well as at our 150+ year old farmhouse in Grand Rapids. My classroom style is relaxed and supportive. Each student is encouraged to explore what works for his or her palate. To show students how delicious plant-based cooking can be, I bring lots of samples to class and organize supper clubs and idea salons, guide people to resources and promote healthy ways of eating and being-especially here in our beautiful geographic location of West Michigan.


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