Just in time for the big day…

IMG_6231 (2)

What a feast!  Our fourth annual Plantsgiving was a success with guests sitting down to with heaping plate-fulls of plant-based food throughout the house.  And who wouldn’t want to be here?  Sarah Pregitzer arrived early with our centerpiece dish…you’ll find October and November recipes below.


Here she is with the finished ‘bird,’ an enormous Hubbard squash filled with a moist quinoa and vegetable stuffing.


A few other beauties predominated.



Time to eat!



Needless to say we are more than grateful for our friends and all this bounty.


And health, of course.



Sheri Orlekoski (right) poses with Shandy Atwood Longcore (left) who brought another beautiful turkey this year (two years ago it was entirely made of vegetables).


And soon, both the birds were sadly no more…



We didn’t forget to say thanks to mom-in-law Marge Gilles for all her help readying the house for supper club this year…

IMG_6254 (2)

And have a good laugh about this carefully chosen wine contributed to the table.


As promised, here are the recipes that were contributed last month: October 2015 Supper Club Recipes  And here are the ones left for us on Plantsgiving.

What a great year it’s been.  We’re almost 5 years old!  See you next month at Eastern Avenue Hall everyone!  Happy Holidays.




The Livin’ is Easy

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Really, is there anything more enjoyable than a Michigan summer?  How about eating a delicious vegan buffet in a yard full of flowers?  Oh, and having it captured by the talented photographer Jeremy Kuhn?  Jeremy is known around here for his amazing raw desserts, but he is also a professional photographer.  Won’t you like his FaceBook page and refer him to your friends with photography needs?

Supper Club is so easy in the summertime.  Fill up your plate with food…



Go outside to eat….





Repeat until all the food is gone!


Recipes like the ones pictured below as well as what was left behind last month can be found here: June-July 2015 recipes



February 2015 Supper Club

IMG_0440 (2)

It was so cold, but we stayed cozy by the fireplace and ate great vegan food in February.  Not many of you left recipes, but gathered here (supper club 2-2015) are the ones I could find.  And here are a few photos for those of you who couldn’t join us.  Thank you for all my beautiful and delicious gifts!





IMG_0433 (2)


Here, I’m showing FarmLink produce to Medha….