Mustard Seed Market

To finish off my vegan month of food, I’ll show you what I do when I find a restaurant that serves vegan food. I go nuts!

2013-09-29 10.54.15

We found this gem of a restaurant in Akron, Ohio, where we attended a wedding this weekend. I  made Roger take me back twice–total of three times–so we could try everything on the menu that was vegan.

2013-09-27 15.03.14

Plus, look at the view.  The people watching was fantastic.  Health-food store shoppers take their time.

2013-09-27 14.51.04

This was a plate of Mexican-spiced quinoa nachos in a cheesy cashew sauce. The olives were a bit…canned…but the quinoa, chips and sauce were deliciously crunchy and melty, etc.  I try to love vegan sour cream, but I don’t for the same reasons I don’t like dairy sour cream.  Taste.  Texture. I would have made an avocado cream, mixing lime juice and avocado with the s.c.
2013-09-28 11.46.45
The tempeh reuben was fine, too.  Also nicely spiced and the tempeh wasn’t too thick.  One of the better tempeh reubens I’ve had.
2013-09-27 14.58.23
I’ve never had much luck with this kind of a kale in a raw salad.  It just tastes like I’m a grazing animal.  The dressing was fine, but the chewy kale and raw onions–not so much.
2013-09-28 11.47.45
This is the kind of dish that turns non-vegetarians right off. Calling it a steak?  It better taste pretty amazing.  But it tasted like–surprise!–a big slab of steamed cauliflower.  I would have breaded it and roasted the bejesus out of it.  Very nice tomato sauce and greens and grains below, but the cauliflower was unremarkable.
2013-09-28 11.38.54
This was my favorite.  A risotto cake with vegan goat cheese in the center served on a bed of sauteed spinach all swimming in a creamy tomato sauce. I’m going to have dreams about that sauce.  I won’t rest until I’ve replicated it!


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